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I try to post a video a day! Currently I have a few series going on:

Egypt News- Any time I hear about archaeology, art, museum, conservation, repatriation, or tourism news relating to Ancient Egypt, I’ll break it down for y’all!

Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Egypt- Started with the Gods and Goddesses that were mentioned in the Pricnce of Egypt song “Playing with the Big Boys Now,” and now covering all the other dieties they didn’t mention!

Dogs of Ancient Egypt- My series about my Master’s Thesis on Ancient Egyptian imagery of dogs!

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Featuring the life and burial of a new Egyptian mummy every week!

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Learn about some of the awesome women in Egyptology, both Ancient, Modern, and Fictional!

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Melissa in De Nile is a Egyptology and archaeology Blog, Instagram, and YouTube page aimed to educate the public about the wonders of the Ancient Egypt.

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