Welcome to my corpus of depictions of ancient Egyptian domestic dogs!

In progress!

A simplified version of my corpus can be found below. As you will see, each object will be linked to a blog post to give you more information. Any objects that found in the same tomb/structure, but were seperated in the corpus, will get their own blog post.

The objects are numbered as follows:

The first letters indicate the general time period:

PD – Pre-Dynastic

ED – Early Dynastic

OK – Old Kingdom

FIP – First Intermediate Period

MK – Middle Kingdom

SIP – Second Intermediate Period

NK – New Kingdom

TIP – Third Intermediate Period

LP – Late Period

P – Ptolemaic

N – Nubian

U – Unknown

The second letters or numbers indicate the dynasty or more specific period:

N1 – Naqada I

N2 – Naqada II

N3 – Naqada III

Dynasties 1-30

U – Unknown Dynasty

RP – Ramesside Period (Dynasties 19-20)

The third number is the number of the specific item.

If there are multiple photos of the same item, those are labeled with another number keep track.

Click on the time period to see the complete list of objects from that period! Or click on one of the most recent blog posts from each period!

Predynastic Period


Category: Vessel Dog Count: 4 Provenance: Egypt (otherwise unknown) Museum: Pushkin Museum, Moscow, I.1.a 4777 Date: Predynastic Period, Naqada I Iconography Category: Hunting scene This is a painted bowl decorated with a unique hunting scene. There is a naked man, wearing a bird mask and a headdress of feathers and holding a bow and arrows.…

Early Dynastic Era

Old Kingdom

First Intermediate Period

Middle Kingdom

Second Intermediate Period

New Kingdom

Third Intermediate Period

Late Period


Ptolemaic Era



Unknown Date