Dogs of Ancient Egypt

My master’s thesis focused on the depiction of the domestic dog in Ancient Egypt. Over the course of almost two years, I complied almost 500 examples of depictions from Predynastic to Graeco-Roman Egypt.

While I do hope one day I can publish my corpus online for the public, I will use this blog to cover some of my favorite examples.

My thesis is here for public download for any scholars wishing to cite it or look at my corpus.


Click here to access an online version of my corpus

My corpus is an ongoing project of mine. I am looking to access as much information about all the depictions including new images, new citations, and new descriptions of dogs.

I am also always looking to add more to my corpus, so if you know of any depictions I have not included, or if there are any mistakes in my corpus, please send me an email at!

I will be updating this corpus periodically, with any new posts seen below.