Early Dynastic Era

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The objects are numbered as follows:

The first letters indicate the general time period:

PD – Pre-Dynastic

ED – Early Dynastic

OK – Old Kingdom

FIP – First Intermediate Period

MK – Middle Kingdom

SIP – Second Intermediate Period

NK – New Kingdom

TIP – Third Intermediate Period

LP – Late Period

P – Ptolemaic

N – Nubian

U – Unknown

The second letters or numbers indicate the dynasty or more specific period:

N1 – Naqada I

N2 – Naqada II

N3 – Naqada III

Dynasties 1-30

U – Unknown Dynasty

RP – Ramesside Period (Dynasties 19-20)

The third number is the number of the specific item.

If there are multiple photos of the same item, those are labeled with another number keep track.

Corpus #CategoryDog DescriptionLocationMuseum and # (if any)Picture?
ED.1.1VesselOne dog with animalsEgyptLouvre Museum, Paris, E.27202Yes
ED.1.2FigurineOne dogEgyptLouvre Museum, Paris, E.27203Yes
ED.1.3Tomb MarkerNamed dogAbydos, Umm el-QaabLouvre Museum, E.21702Yes
ED.1.4Tomb MarkerNamed dogAbydos, Umm el-QaabCairo Museum, CG 14603Yes
ED.1.5Tomb MarkerNamed dogAbydos, Umm el-QaabCairo Museum, CG14608Yes
ED.1.6Gaming PieceTwo hunting dogsSaqqaraCairo Museum, JE 70104Yes
ED.1.7Animal RemainsOne dog burialSaqqaraNo
ED.1.8Tomb MarkerNamed dogAbydosYes
ED.1.9Tomb MarkerNamed dogAbydos, Umm el-QaabYes
ED.1.10Animal RemainsOne dog burialSaqqaraYes
ED.1.11Animals RemainsOne dog burialSaqqaraYes
ED.1.12Animal RemainsOne dog burialAbydos, Umm el-QaabNo
ED.1.13Gaming PieceThree dogsNaqadaCairo Museum, CG 14041Yes
ED.1.14Gaming PieceOne dogEgyptPelizaeus Museum, Hildesheim, F0006Yes
ED.1.15FigurineOne dogHierakonpolisPetrie Museum, London, UC 11001Yes
ED.1.16Gaming PieceOne dogAbydosWalters Art Museum, Baltimore, 71.622Yes