Predynastic Period Dogs

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The objects are numbered as follows:

The first letters indicate the general time period:

PD – Pre-Dynastic

ED – Early Dynastic

OK – Old Kingdom

FIP – First Intermediate Period

MK – Middle Kingdom

SIP – Second Intermediate Period

NK – New Kingdom

TIP – Third Intermediate Period

LP – Late Period

P – Ptolemaic

N – Nubian

U – Unknown

The second letters or numbers indicate the dynasty or more specific period:

N1 – Naqada I

N2 – Naqada II

N3 – Naqada III

Dynasties 1-30

U – Unknown Dynasty

RP – Ramesside Period (Dynasties 19-20)

The third number is the number of the specific item.

If there are multiple photos of the same item, those are labeled with another number keep track.

Corpus #CategoryDog DescriptionLocationMuseum and # (if any)Picture?
PD.N1.1 VesselFour dogs on leashesEgyptPushkin Museum, Moscow, I.1.a 4777Yes
PD.N1.2 Vessel Two hunting dogsEgyptMusee Royaux d’Art et d’Histoire, Brussels, E.2631Yes
PD.N1.3 Vessel Three hunting dogsNaqadaYes
PD.N1.4 Vessel Nine hunting dogsNaqadaAshmolean Museum, Oxford, 1895.482Yes
PD.N1.5 Vessel Hunting dogsNaqadaAshmolean Museum, Oxford, 1895.487No
PD.N1.6 Vessel Three hunting dogsGebeleinPrinceton Art Museum, 30-491Yes
PD.N1.7 Vessel Three hunting dogsGebeleinPrinceton Art Museum, 30-493Yes
PD.N1.8 Vessel One dog with animalsEgyptPetrie Museum, London, 15329Yes
PD.N1.9 Vessel One dog with animalsAbydosYes
PD.N1.10 Vessel One dog with animalsAbydosYes
PD.N1.11 Vessel Hunting dogGebeleinCario Museum, ?No
PD.N1.12 Vessel One dogGebeleinPrinceton Art Museum, 30-494No
PD.N1.13 Vessel Dog with animalsHu/AbadiyaAshmolean Museum, Oxford, E.2778No
PD.N1.14 Vessel Hunting dogEgyptBern, Block-Diener, ?No
PD.N1.15 Vessel Hunting dogEgyptMusee Royaux d’Art et d’Histoire, Brussels, E.2316No
PD.N1.16 Vessel Dog with animalsEgyptMusee Royaux d’Art et d’Histoire, Brussels, E.2988No
PD.N1.17 Vessel Hunting dogEgyptCairo Museum, JE 71603No
PD.N1.18 Vessel Hunting dogEgyptGeneva, Switzerland, D 1186No
PD.N1.19 Vessel Hunting dogEgyptPetrie Museum, London, 15334No
PD.N1.20 Vessel Hunting dogEgyptPushkin Museum, Moscow, 2947No
PD.N1.21 Vessel Hunting dogEgyptTurin Museum, S.1827No
PD.N1.22 Vessel Hunting dogEgyptRoyal Museum of Ontario, 910.85.88No
PD.N1.23 Vessel Hunting dogAbadiya UNo
PD.N1.24 Vessel Dog with animalsAbadiya U No
PD.N2.1 Vessel Hunting dogAbydosAshmolean Museum, Oxford, E.2632No
PD.N2.2 Vessel Dog with animalsAbydosCairo Museum, JE 72148No
PD.N2.3 Vessel Dog with animalsHemamiehTurin Museum, S.4749No
PD.N2.4 Vessel Hunting dogKhozamLyon, Paris, 90000098No
PD.N2.5 Vessel Hunting dogEgyptRoyal Museum of Ontario, 9002.45No
PD.N2.6 Vessel Hunting dogEgyptOriental Institute Museum, Chicago, 10542No
PD.N2.7 Vessel Hunting dogEgyptBerlin Museum, 14336No
PD.N2.8 TubeDogHierakonpolisAshmolean Museum, Oxford, E.4714No
PD.N2.9SpoonDog with animalsTarkhanCairo Museum, ?No
PD.N2.10Sceptre HeadDogEgyptEgyptian Museum, Munich, 1520No
PD.N2.11Knife HandleDog with animalsEgyptMET, New York, 26.247.1No
PD.N2.12Knife HandleOne dog with animalsSohag, Sheikh HamdehBritish Museum, London, EA 68512Yes
PD.N2.13Knife HandleTwo dogs on leashesGebel el-Arak, AbydosLouvre Museum, Paris, E11517Yes
PD.N2.14ReliefThree hunting dogsHierakonpolisYes
PD.N3.1Knife HandleTwo dogsAbydosYes
PD.N3.2Knife HandleOne dog with animalsQauMET, New York, 26.7.1281Yes
PD.N3.3CombOne dog with animalsEgyptMET, New York, 30.8.224Yes
PD.N3.4Knife HandleOne dog with animalsAbydosCairo Museum, CG 14265Yes
PD.N3.5PaletteThree dogs with animalsHierakonpolisAshmolean Museum, Oxford, E.2924Yes
PD.N3.6Knife HandleThree dogs with animalsAbu ZaidanBrooklyn Museum, 09.889.118Yes
PD.N3.7Rock DrawingOne hunting dogQift-Qusei Road, Eastern DesertYes
PD.N.1Knife HandleHunting dogEgyptYes
PD.U.1Sceptre HeadThree dogs with leashesHierakonpolisYes
PD.U.2PaletteOne dog with animalsTell EzzatYes
PD.U.3FigurineSix mastiff dogsAbu el MelekYes
PD.U.4FigurineMastiff dogHierakonpolisYes
PD.U.5Rock DrawingTwo hunting dogsNorth of AswanYes
PD.U.6Rock DrawingOne hunting dogWadi Abu Wasil, Eastern DesertYes
PD.U.7Rock DrawingTwo hunting dogsKarkur Tahl, Gebel UweinatYes
PD.U.8Rock DrawingTwo hunting dogsWadi GashYes
PD.U.9Rock DrawingOne hunting dogQena-Quseir roadYes
PD.U.10Rock DrawingTwo hunting dogsKarkur Tahl, Gebel UweinatYes
PD.U.11Rock DrawingSeven hunting dogsAbu Agag, east of AswanYes
PD.U.12Rock DrawingSix hunting dogsWadi Hamra, Gilf el KebirYes
PD.U.13Gaming PieceOne dogEgyptWalters Art Museum, Baltimore, 22.220Yes
PD.U.14Gaming PieceOne dogEgyptWalters Art Museum, Baltimore, 71.523Yes
PD.U.15Gaming PieceOne dogEgyptUnknown private collectionYes