Mummy Mondays

Come by every Monday to learn about an Egyptian Mummy, including their life, death, and burial!

Mummy Monday: “Umi”

This week let’s talk about a Roman mummy who has been dubbed Umi! He is located at the Cincinnati Museum Center’s Museum of Natural History & Science. Life There is very little known about the life of Umi. Umi is not his actual name, but a name that researchers have given him. The name is […]

Mummy Monday: Tattooed Mummy from Deir el-Medina

This week’s Mummy Monday is a little different. We don’t know the identity of this mummy, but her remains tell us a very unique story. Let’s talk about the tattooed mummy from Deir el-Medina. Location The tattooed torso of a woman was found and excavated in 2014. This was found within the assemblage that was […]

Mummy Monday: Lady Rai

For this week’s Mummy Monday let’s look at another mummy found in the Deir el-Bahri cache, who may be one of the “most perfect examples of embalming…from the time of the early 18th Dynasty.” Let me introduce you to Lady Rai! Life Lady Rai was an ancient Egyptian woman from the early 18th Dynasty. Little […]

Mummy Monday: Siptah

For this week’s Mummy Monday, let’s look at one of the later rulers of the 19th Dynasty, Pharaoh Siptah. Life Siptah’s full name was Akhenre Setpenre Spitah or Merenptah Siptah. His father’s identity is not actually known, but a couple of pharaohs have been suggested. Mainly, Seti II, Amenmesse, and Merenptah have been suggested. His […]


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